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Pagans celebrate the Winter Solstice which begins on 21st December and goes through 12 days. The sun is the focal point of the festivities as it is reborn during this time, signalling the beginning of Spring and the triumph of darkness over light or rebirth after the long Winter months. Many symbols that we see in Christmas cards are of Pagan origin such as some that I have used in these cards, which has the sun as a central image radiating warm, colourful light for fertility, happiness and hope.

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I always begin by designing and making the original card, which is available to buy as an 'art card'. This is because it has hand painted imagery on it as well as actual embellishments such as stars and glitter.This card is perfect for a special gift and will never be reproduced exactly the same again, therefore is original and individual. I can write any greeting you would like inside or on the front.

Next I will scan and make a printout of the front of the card using my 'High Resolution' scanning setting. This will be done on gloss photo paper so that the colours of the original card are reproduced with maximum intensity and warmth.

This piece will then be mounted onto the blank card. This method will make a simple but still beautiful range of budget cards that are sold in packs.

So listed here are the original cards, or 'art cards' and the packs of the same design but reproductions.

All cards are designed and printed on recycled card and come with a recycled envelope and bio~degradable cellophane sleeve for protection.

All listings are postage and packing FREE unless you wish to buy ONE budget card alone. The price of postage will then be added to the price of the card.

I hope you like them!