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My Personal Journey with Crystals


I have only recently begun working with Crystals. I have always loved them and have had a few beautiful ones in my collection over the years but only until I read an amazing book about their healing properties, did I really start to use them in my everyday life.

My first commission as a piece of Jewellery was for a Lady who had recently lost a baby. She needed something healing to relieve her sense of great loss, encourage fertility in trying for another baby and to relax her and balance her emotionally.

Here is the piece I designed for her:

fertility and loss bracelet 3

Briefly, these are the crystals I included in the bracelet:

Rhodonite, the pinky crystal. This is known as the 'first aid' crystal, healing emotional trauma and releasing feelings of bitterness, anger and depression.

Carnelian, the brown/beige crystal. This is said to aid fertility by increasing inner receptivity. It also facilitates concentration and balances creativity, so is perfect for meditation of any kind, but especially when wanting to become pregnant.

Flourite, the pale green crystal. This is said to have a harmonising effect as it balances the nervous system. It is used widely in meditation as it improves focus and opens up intuition. Perfect when you feel unbalanced emotionally.

This bracelet, and other designs for different conditions, is available in the shop. Here is the direct link:


So, what are Crystals and how do they work?

Crystals are totally natural formations taken from the Earth. They are made up of a lattice, like a tightly woven web of molecules which bind together as tightly as possible during their growth, partly because of strong electro-magnetic forces and high pressures around them as they form. Because of the precision of the formations, they react in characteristic, precise and predictable ways to a broad spectrum of energies including sound, light, heat and pressure, this is why they are of use in the electronics industry. 

''A natural crystal by definition means it has a very consistent arrangement of atoms. In quartz these atoms vibrate at a stable and measurable frequency. These characteristics make quartz an excellent receiver and emitter of electro-magnetic energy. This is why quartz is commonly used in radios, watches, and numerous electronic technologies. One interesting characteristic of quartz crystal (known as the piezoelectric effect) can be observed when electricity is applied. The quartz crystal will produce a small electrical current and is taken advantage of in the workings of a typical quartz watch.'' ~Orgone Innovations

Please visit this website to read more about how crystals are used in the field of electronics:

The site goes on to explain the use of crystals in spiritual practices such as Reiki:

''Crystals and gemstones respond to the array of electro-magnetic frequencies that are coursing through our body, and if the energy is out of balance, the constant electrical vibrations of the stones will help to harmonize, balance, and stimulate these energies.''

Cleansing your Crystals

Because crystals have the ability to work with the electro~magnetic energy of the body, they will also absorb energies around them, including negative energies that can be emitted from them and amplified into your surroundings. For this reason it is imperative that new crystals are cleansed after you purchase them and on a regular basis thereafter. Please refer to this site to learn about the different methods of cleansing crystals:

Different forms of Crystals:

In my Jewellery so far I have used Crystal Chips as they are small and easy to combine for a fusion of healing properties. Here are the most popular forms.


These are shaped and polished to give a smooth surface. Tumblestones are used in Jewellery and Healing as they are comfortable on the skin and have no sharp edges. 



Crystal Points:

These are rough and natural crystals. They can be used for Jewellery or for Chakra Healing.

crystal point


Natural Crystals:

These are usually very large and used for display purposes, emitting energy into your living environment.

rose quartz

Rose Quartz. (


Different Psychological 'Conditions' and the most effective Crystals to use 

I think it is easier for you, as the customer, to refer to this list of Conditions that you may require healing for. In each section I will list the best Crystals and a picture so you can look at the colours and feel which ones resonate with you most. In the case of ordering Jewellery from me, you will be able to imagine how the crystals look together if you would like a combination.

You can also order Jewellery for several different conditions in one, as in the bracelet I made for loss, grief, emotional balance and fertility.

Relaxation & Anti~Stress




Rose Quartz

rose quartz


Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate





Calcite; there are varying colours

calcite (honey optical)   calcite mangano   calcite orange